There are a variety of ways in which to submit your audio tracks for mastering.

We use the best digital audio extraction, and though many opt to send a standard 16-bit 44.1khz audio CD, you may want to consider saving your files (16 0r 24-bit wav) to CD-ROM. This allows for the option of 24-bit processing prior to the creation of the final disc-at-once professional "red book" master.

When creating a CD-ROM, it is advisable to order the files by prefixing them with two-digit numbers (08, 09, 10, 11, etc.). This is an easy way to safeguard the exact sequence of the album. Also, be sure to "close the CD" in your burning options (no addtional open sessions).

In the case of DAT or MiniDisc, please be sure to use the printable "session log" template available for download here. Any questiions regarding unusual or older analog formats can be answered by contacting the studio directly.



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